Mathematics 1 ESO – Unit 5 FRACTIONS Page 55 – Activity 43

a)  Click on this link, then:

  • Click on “Equivalent Fractions Finder”.
  • The red box on the left represents a fraction.
  • On the other two boxes (green and blue), we can add and subtract columns and rows, then fill as many parts as necessary to build fractions equivalent to the fraction on the left red box.
  • Click on “check” to see if we are correct or incorrect.
  • If both the green and the blue are correct, click on “Next Question”. Again we have to find equivalent fractions.

b)  Watch the video on “How to Divide Number to Fraction” and answer:

  • I)  What three words she uses to remember what to do?
  • II)  Why do we have to “flip” the number 5 in the video example?
  • III)  Solve: (7/2) / 4