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Mathematics 2 ESO – Unit 10 SIMILARITY page 101 – activity 7

a)  Watch the video on “The Pythagorean Theorem Tutorial” and answer:

  • I) What states the Pythagorean Theorem?
  • II) What side is the hypotenuse?
  • III) What side must be “side a”?
  • IV) Find the hypotenuse if the two shorter sides are 10 m and 16 m.
  • V) Find the third side if the hypotenuse is 25 mm and the other side is 3.6 cm.

b)  Watch the video on “Pythagorean Theorem Application” and answer:

  • I) What is the video assuming to consider the triangle formed by the ladder the building and the ground is a right triangle?
  • II) Find the new height if we move the ladder so that the distance to the building is only 1 foot.
  • III) Find the height if it is a 4.2 m ladder and the distance to the building is 1.6 m.