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Mathematics 2 ESO – Unit 11 AREAS AND VOLUMES page 117 – activity 71

a) Watch the video on “Volume” and answer:

  • I)  What type of objects have volume?
  • II)  How many dimensions has a line segment?
  • III)  Why the cube in the video has a volume of 1 cubic centimetre?
  • IV)  What is the “surface area” of a 3-D object?
  • V)  How can we get the 3-D shape called “triangular prism”?
  • VI)  Why we can’t call the cylinder “circular prism”?
  • VII)  Calculate the volume of a 10 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm rectangular prism.
  • VIII)  Calculate the volume of this cylinder: r = 2 m ; length = 10 m

b) In geometry, what is a “solid”?

c) A rectangular prism is 2 m long. Calculate the base area and the total area if the sides of the base are:

  • I)  20 cm and 8 cm
  • II)  10 cm and 8 cm
  • III)  3 km and 2 km
  • IV)  5 mm and 2 cm

d) We want to construct a pyramid. The height is 200 metres. The side of the base is 250 metres.

  • I)  What volume of stone do we need?
  • II)  And if we make it to the same height but a side of the base of 159 metres?

e) The height of a cylinder is 264 mm and the radius of its base is 8 mm.

  • I)  Calculate its area.
  • II)  Calculate its volume.

f) The height of a cone is 26 cm and the radius of its base is 10 cm.

  • I) Calculate its area.
  • II) Calculate its volume.