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Mathematics 2 ESO – Unit 5 PROPORTIONALITY extra activities

Watch the video on “What is a ratio?” and answer:

  1. If we have six cows and 20 sheep:
    • What is the ratio of cows to sheep?
    • And the ratio of cows to total number of animals?
  2. If we have 3 oranges, 5 bananas and 6 apples:
    • What is the ratio of oranges to apples?
    • And the ratio of oranges to total pieces of fruit?

Watch the video on “How To Determine Which Pair of Ratios Forms a Proportion” and answer:

  1. How can we determine which set of ratios make a proportion?
  2. 3/9 and 9/27 form a proportion? Why?
  3. 1/8 and 8/67 form a proportion? Why?
  4. 7/6 and 49/42 form a proportion? W

Watch the video on “Simple Interest Formula” and answer:

  1. How much interest is earned in 8 years on 2000 € invested at an interest rate of 4 % per year?