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Mathematics 3 ESO – Unit 11 PLANE GEOMETRY extra activities

1 –  Watch the video on “Polygons” and answer:

  • a)  What is a polygon?
  • b)  Why is the first figure not a polygon?
  • c)  Why is the second figure not a polygon?
  • d)  Why is the third figure not a polygon?
  • e)  Why is the fourth figure not a polygon?

2 –  Watch the video on “Types of triangles by sides and angles” and answer:

  • a)  What type of triangle has three different angle measures? Why does it have three different angle measures?
  • b)  What type of triangle has three equal sides? Why is its angle measure 60°?
  • c)  What is the minimum number of acute angles in a triangle?
  • d)  What determines the type of triangle (considering angles)?
  • e)  What is an obtuse triangle?
  • f)  What type of triangle has a 90° angle?

3 –  Watch the video on “Each Interior Angle of a Regular Polygon” and answer:

  • a)  What represents “n”?
  • b)  Use the formula to find the interior angle of:
    • I)  An equilateral triangle.
    • II)  A square.
    • III)  A regular pentagon.

4 –  Watch the video on “The Pythagorean Theorem” and answer:

  • a)  In the video, what letter represents the hypotenuse?
  • b)  In the video, what letters represent the legs?
  • c)  To what type of triangles does the Pythagorean Theorem apply?
  • d)  What symbol marks the right angle?
  • e)  What side is always opposite the right angle?
  • f)  What is the equation telling us?
  • g)  What means “relative” lengths?
  • h)  How can we check the Pythagorean Theorem with geometric squares?
  • i)  Calculate the length of the hypotenuse if the lengths of the legs are 5 cm and 2 cm.
  • j)  Calculate the length of one leg if the hypotenuse is 10 m and the other leg is 4 m.