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Mathematics 3 ESO – Unit 5 POLYNOMIALS extra activities

1  –  Watch the video on “How Do You Find the Degree of a Monomial?” and answer:

  • a) To find the degree of a monomial, we need to take the sum of what?
  • b) Why in the first monomial is the degree of the monomial the same as the exponent of variable “y”?
  • c) Why is the degree of the second monomial “6”? Why do we say that the exponent of variable “Z” is “invisible”?
  • d) Why is the degree of the third monomial “0”?
  • e) Find the degree of these monomials:
    • I)  5x4
    • II)  2a4b3c
    • III)  8

2  –  Watch the video on “What’s a Term in a Polynomial?” and answer:

  • a) What is a “term”?
  • b) How many terms are there in these polynomials:
    • I)  5x4
    • II)  2a4b3c + 2b2c – 2ab5c + 2a3b
    • III)  8 – 5x(5x4y) – 5x4 / 5x4 + 5x4
  • c) In a polynomial, can one term multiply another term? Why?