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Mathematics 4 ESO – Unit 1 REAL NUMBERS extra activities

1 –  Watch the video on “Introduction to Real Numbers” and answer:

  • a)  What is the difference between “Natural Numbers” and “Whole Numbers”
  • b)  What type of number is 1/2 ?
  • c)  What type of numbers can’t be written as a fraction?
  • d)  Before we classify √25, should we simplify it? Why? What type of number is it?

2 –  Watch the video on “What are Real Numbers?” and answer:

    • a)  What is a “Real Number”?
    • b)  What types of numbers are there?
    • c)  What two categories comprise “Real Numbers?

3 –  Watch the video on “Real Numbers – Categories!” and answer:

    • a)  What is an “Irrational Number”?
    • b)  What is a “non-integer”?
    • c)  What category are the “fractions with denominator as 1”?
    • d)  Write the “letter names” of the different categories.
    • e)  What type of number is √-9?

4 –  Watch the video on “Intervals and the Real Number Line” and answer:

  • a)  Why do we put arrows on the left and the right of the number line?
  • b)  If we plot numbers 8 and 2 on the number line:
    • I)  Which is more to he right? Why?
    • II)  What is the “distance” or “interval” between them? Why?
  • c)  If we use “filled in dots” to graph an interval, what kind of interval is it?
  • d)  When do we use “parenthesis” in the notation of the interval?
  • e)  What is a “half-open interval”?
  • f)  What is an “unbounded interval”?
  • g)  Graph these intervals:
    • I)  [0,4]
    • II)  (-2,1)
    • III)  [3,5)