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Mathematics 4 ESO – Unit 3 POLYNOMIALS extra activities

1 –  Watch the video on “What is an algebraic expression” and explain in your own words what is an algebraic expression.

2 –  Watch the video on “How to Do Polynomial Operations”.

a) When we add or subtract polynomials, what terms can we add or subtract?

b) What are “like terms”?

c) The sign before the term… is it part of the term?

d) What says the “multiplication law of exponents”?

e) What says the “division law of exponents”?

3 –  Watch the video on “Operations with Polynomials”.

a) What is the degree of the two polynomials in the example? Why?

b) Solve: (x2 – 3x + 9) + (4x2 + 3x – 5)

c) Solve: (x – 3y)2

d) Solve: (x + 3y)3