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Mathematics 4 ESO – Unit 7 ELEMENTARY FUNCTIONS page 85 activity 54

Watch the video on “Seven Elementary Functions and Their Graphs” and answer:

  • Which is the “parent” of all linear functions?
  • Which is the “parent” of all the quadratic functions?
  • Which is the “reciprocal” function?
  • Name and describe the 7 elementary functions.
  • Which of these functions don’t have negative values of y? (And explain why they don’t have negative values of y):  “identity function”, “absolute value function”, “squaring function”, “cubing function” and “square root function”.

Watch the video. Then draw “figure C” if it is bigger than “figure A” by a factor of 4 (if you  don’t have a square paper, you can assume the distance units in the video equal 1 cm).