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Technology 1-2 ESO – Unit 13 THERMAL MACHINES extra activities


1 –  Watch the video on “How Do Steam Locomotives Work – Steam Engines Explained” and answer:

  • a)  What are the two things that a steam locomotive needs?
  • b)  What two people run the steam locomotive?
  • c)  What is around the “firetubes”? Why?
  • d)  What is the function of the safety valve?
  • e)  Where are the pistons?
  • f)  Why the pistons move?
  • g)  Why the wheels move?
  • h)  What is the function of the “slide valve”?
  • i)  What happens to the used steam?

2 –  Watch the video on “How Jet Engines Work” and answer:

  • a)  In what direction flows the air in the jet engine?
  • b)  What is the “thrust”?
  • c)  What happens to the air in the compressor?
  • d)  What happens to the mix of air and fuel in the combustor?
  • e)  Why does the shaft connected to the fan spin?

3 –  Watch the video on “4 Stroke Engine Working Animation” and answer:

  • a)  What are the basic components of a 4 stroke gas engine?
  • b)  Why a four stroke engine is called “four stroke”?
  • c)  What happens in the “intake stroke”?
  • d)  What happens in the “combustion stroke”?
  • e)  What are the RPM?

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6 –  Fill the crossword with words about drawing tools and basic techniques.