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Technology 1-2 ESO – Unit 3 DRAWING TOOLS AND BASIC TECHNIQUES extra activities

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1 –  Move the ends of sentence to the correct beginning of sentence:

2 –  Do you think CAD has advantages over drawing on paper?

Describe what you think are the advantages and disadvantages of CAD compared to drawing on paper.

3  –  Watch the video on ” Using a Protractor to Measure Angles” and answer:

  • a)  Where we must put the “vertex” of the angle?
  • b)  How do we find the correct measurement of the angle?
  • c)  Can we measure the angle if neither arm points to 0? How?

4  –  Watch the video on “How to draw parallel and perpendicular lines using set squares”.

On paper, using square rulers, draw the same parallel and perpendicular lines as in the video.

5  –  Watch the video on “how to draw 60 degree angle without protractor or angle tool with compass”.

On paper, using a ruler and a compass, draw the 60 degree angle as in the video.

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6 –  Fill the crossword with words about drawing tools and basic techniques.