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Technology 1-2 ESO – Unit 5 PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS extra activities

1  –  Name one material that is:

a)  Elastic.     b)  Transparent.     c) A good thermal insulator.

2  –  Name two objects that are:

  1. a)  Elastic.     b) Transparent.     c) Good thermal insulators.

3  –  Match the objects on the left with one or more of the properties on the right.

Book (1)

          (a) Hard

Tyre (2)

          (b) Soft

Wooden spoon (3)

          (c) Flexible

Metal Spoon (4)

          (d) Transparent

Trousers (5)

          (e) Waterproof

Glass (6)

          (f) Shiny

Paint (dry) (7)

          (g) Tough

4  –  Watch the video on “Malleability and Ductility” and answer:

  • a)  Malleability is the ability of a solid to bend or be hammered into other shapes without _______________.
  • b)  Examples of malleable metals are: ______ ,  ______ ,   ______________ ,   _________ ,   ________ .
  • c)  Why can gold be fashioned into jewellery?
  • d)  What is the property of a material that can be stretched into wire without breaking?
  • e)  What three metals are very ductile?
  • f)  What metal is not ductile?
  • g)  Is glass ductile?

5  –  Watch the video on “Properties of Materials” and answer:

  • a)  Why do we make greenhouses out of glass?
  • b)  What other two properties has glass?
  • c)  Name two properties of wool.
  • d)  Name two properties of sand paper.
  • e)  Name three properties of steel.
  • f)  Would you use the same material to make umbrellas and towels? Why?