Technology 1-2 ESO – Unit 7 METALS extra activities

2 –  Watch the video on “Uses Of Metals – Gold, Copper, Aluminium, Steel” and answer:

  • a)  Why do we use copper for water pipes?
  • b)  Why do we use copper for electric wires?
  • c)  Why do we use aluminium for the bodies of planes?
  • d)  Is Iron a weak or a strong metal?
  • e)  What happens to iron when we mix it with carbon?

3 –  Watch the video on “smelting copper and tin” and answer:

  • a) What is “malachite” and where can we find it?
  • b) What tool used the first miners?
  • c) As well as copper, what else contains “malachite”?
  • d) What is “smelting”?
  • e) What material was the furnace made of?
  • f) How many types of atoms are in a pure element?

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1 –  Fill the crossword with words about the blast furnace.